13 February 2011

officially launched

 poster design for Em & Asma by. Ashfi Qamara

world wide web. LOVE HFW. the generic top level domain, com

The Idea that pursue Em of Modest Theory to make an event that gathers all the online fashion activist was amazing, and mostly now there's two hosts behind this, Em and Asma of Haute Muslimah,  how genius this turned out to be, each link owners by automatically shares the link that have all the links you want, by the context of "Hijab", we're very exited when Em invited us to join at the first time, we're hoping someday all of us could gather in one country maybe once a year or once in 5 years | economic factor | . 
The Momentum of HFW layering the digital era of opportunity somehow exaggerates the awareness of each blog character, it's not a competition, it's the point where everybody voluntary contributes their fashion sense, and let the readers decide which she fit best.

Welcoming the HFW web launch,
have fun ladies ! 

Salam & Respect

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