01 February 2011

modest lunch & fashion environment


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The Environment of Fashion tends to create an illusion of culture society, it somehow revealing the walls or the "Hijab" (boundary) in various length and height, talking about silver age and it's modern-ism virus, yes, virus, it spread aggressively with the urge of mastery in each individual, not saying it's bad, not also saying it's good, as human being which almost every mad philosophy scientist suggesting "cogito ergo sum" (Descartes) , "I think, therefor I am". just which group of us human not to think? human no animal, being selfish, arrogant and tend to love themselves too much, dealing with over confident people wasn't easy, frustrating really how all of it  lead up to what we called digital culture, making "trends" each day, lifestyle, Architecture and of course Fashion itself,  Human Existence which also took most of the part.

Not being Skeptic for the future generation, or when our time to "lead". the thing is to understands what happend in the past, the present phenomenon and the future strategy, it is hard, by the fact there is too  much distraction, Facebook notifications, Twitter mentions (revealing unfold sacred mind, unnecessary), iPad applications (though we would like to have one).

Fashion spread is a common tittle for magazine, fashion designers & photographers to use, even fashion blog, say might. the making of Fashion image and it's message behind it, important just like some brands pursuing the aspect of art and meaning ex. Anntian from Berlin and Monstore from Indonesia, Hekmag also the magazine who offers unique fashion and art, there's always a mystery behind every high end creative images, almost every images & writings always end up in the sack of magazine rack on the roadside, wait to be bought by people with money and the thirst of inspiration, it also doesn't mean much better in virtually, hardware is still to be the everlasting product to be romanticized analyzed and memorized.

Awkward yet feels very liberating how future oriented people come up with ideas, Islam already have a so called "Fashion Dress-code". the ideas of what you wear is who you are, and like the 14 year old Tavi Gevinson said in her presentation about The Unpredictability of Gen Y (L2 Generation Next Forum), that being trendy doesn't really worked, cause their over in 2 seconds. as we also wonder what Nylon brought to Indonesian youngsters, they would come up with some new trends, the styling is quite modest, urbanized and no too hedonistic, they keep it simple, just hope it won't change and make the youngsters such a hedonistic consumer, freakish facts. and also love the fact there's Monica Hapsari as contributor, real awesome illustration. The point is | Purpose Maximizer | Good Brands | Urge to get better at stuff | Self Directed | Culture, Character & Media Strategy | Islamic Fashion.

By Time, Indeed Mankind is in Loss, Except for...  
QS: Al-Asr 
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