14 February 2011


Love / The cool stuff from Koola Stuffa

Love / from Malaysia :)

Love / The mickey mouse on the pocket

Love / ing these nice & pretty ladies

Love / ly Hanna from HijabScarf

Love / Dina from NYALA & her animated top

Love / The fact that she had been virtually stalked by us

Love / The purple plaid

Love / The Batik from Kavi Indonesia

Love / The cute edge styling

1 comment:

  1. Dear FiMiNin sisters,
    Thank you for putting up our photo here (: I actually felt so under dressed that day, surrounded by pretty and stylish ladies here and there. But hey thanks a lot for the photo! It's so nice meeting you there! May I know, are you girls staying in Bandung? I thought you girls are from Jakarta. And you know what, I've been to your blog before, during the Hijabi Fashion Week last year (: I labeled your blog as 'blog tiga orang' to my friends Thanks again, sisters!
    Love, Izzaty