27 June 2012

INTRO.SPEK.SI. artwork exhibition

A group of artist held an artwork exhibition called "INTRO.SPEK.SI" they chose this tittle as the observation of the artist's own mental and emotional processes, it held at Potluck Kitchen, Bandung and it is still showing till 28th June 2012.

The Opening Night

 "I want to protect the kittens" Ressa said to Ashfi, 

Ressa Latifah's Frames

Gabriel Dias Agatha's Story board

 It's a story about a girl who receive what others gave to her, but it ruins her within until she make her own thing.

This is her! lovely isn't she? round glasses, feathery earring, and white blouse.

The "Present" Thoughts of G. Dias Agatha

Rishma Riyasa's Self compact

Rishma Riyasa herself, you've probably seen her in our FMN Style Vol. 06 

all 6 young and talented female artists gathered for a radio interviews
Gabriel Dias Agatha, Rishma Riyasa, Ressa Latifah,  Jehan Syauqi Puteri, Farhanaz Rupaidha & Retnotiawan.

Found Dila and her lovely plaid jacket.

it was both sporadic and lovable exhibition, in Bandung especially with the windy weather, where this kind of event could stand out on a certain cafe, a certain people & a certain culture. 

Lucky us, that "certain" leads to many.