22 March 2011

FMNstyle Vol. 06: Hype Act

windy\sunny days. [bdg\jkt]
the girls rise and create a nostalgic awkward moment. 
like jumping with future orientation.
Us putting them some hyper comfort look for the FMNstyle Vol. 06. 
is for them who asking about how to look fine. 
with the jilbab when doing sports or high activities. well here's some hints.

play and


Act 01 | Mutia Diah Pratiwi 
scarf : Kidnapped Ally | shoe : Topshop

Act 02 | Syahnaz Khairunisa
jacket : Laras's [vintage from gedebage] | shoe : Reebok

Act 03 | Dini Delvira
scarf : Up2Date | paper jacket [green products]: Equafole svectra | shoe : Adidas

Act 04 | Renny Kurnia
Windrunner jacket : Nike | white top & pants : Rumah Mode | shoe : Adidas

Act 05 | Rishma Riyasa
plaid scarf : Rumah Mode | red hoodie vest & white top : Up2Go | lined pants : Ambasador | shoe : Gosh

Act 06 |  Ayu Dzikri N. 
all turquoise : Up2Date | shoe : Nike

Act 07 | Alia Mufida
head & hands cover : Up2Date | bandana : Nurzahra | plaid hoodie vest : Casa Elana | shoe : Converse

Act 08 | Esa Dwi Jayanti 
instant head cover scarf : Up2Date | black hoodie top : cirque du soleil | jacket : Nike | ankle wear : Harajuku | shoe : Adidas


dance with the air, undemanding.
much conflicts to let go, don't let those crushing you alive
or you'll loose. life is pretty much a game to win
struggle the final stage, with best results

"to Allah. ask for forgiveness and health" -Muhammad Rasulullah

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  ||||||RUN||||||  /////////////////


  1. it's a wrappp! haha.. we did a great job! welldone guys ;)

  2. Love these sporty outfits! :)

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    jazallah khair Rabia

  4. Aliin fotonya keren2 deh ^^ jagoan...
    oiya ini ol shop aku (edisi terbaru) : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=195348947152739&id=100000329041647&aid=43096

  5. eh salaaah...bukan alin tapi aniiin...aduh maaf ya aku emang gampang lupa nama orang hehehe...

  6. lucu lucu,,penampilan seorang hijabers ga selalu dengan gamis tapi juga bisa funky :D

  7. lucuuu,,style hijab ga selalu dengan gamisnya,tapi juga bisa funky ,,ehhhe ehhe :D