04 May 2011

West Java Designers

Members of Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (APPMI) West Java held the annual fashion show titled Fashion '11: Fashioning Daily Life. With total 18 members featuring the latest work on the runway at the Ballroom of the Hilton hotel Bandung on Wednesday night 04/27/2011 and also to celebrate 10 years of APPMI West Java establishment.

----------The 5 Muslim Designers of West Java APPMI----------

Herman Nuary. Magic Canvas

Iva Lativah. Red Crescent

Hennie Noer. Fabulous Woman

Nuniek Mawardi. Femmilitary

Irna Mutiara. Tasik Chic

Even though Sir Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe says "God is in the details". True. but there is no resistance of knowing the essence of the global concept, and about talking globally the designers of West Java APPMI really shows a heck of massive uniqueness. "APPMI fashion designers creates the collection with the inspiration from everyday life" said Deden Siswanto, chairman of APPMI West Java

Herman Nuary seems to never let his iconic high turban and those colour palette gone for his statement style, this collection reminds us how fascinating a show can really be, and somehow this image connected to cirque du soleil . with both magic and modest to add the collection.

Iva Lativah, known to have a sense of flower prosperity by looking through her previous collection. yet now she tries something different with those washed colours and most of them are looking highly comfortable, the clean cut is really something to wear in everyday life. especially at this era.

Hennie Noer. Her designs of those ready to wear dress shows a real classic femininity princess-like. its exclusiveness of the drapery and layering technique is undeniable. not to mention the hijab hat, sadly we can't capture the detail on the runway. it's really freaking cute.

Nuniek Mawardi starts the revolution of a military force on the runway. it's such a shocked moment how  models coming out wearing beautiful dresses and carrying a gun. it's freakishly awesome awesome (and there we said it twice). -speechless

Irna Mutiara. The famous designer of Irna La Perle also founder of Uptodate Trimoda and Ina's Scarf (more about this new brand coming soon). we just love whatever she designs, she have the amazing fashion sense, we don't know how she do it, but she's been doing it great after all these years, she embrace the Indonesian culture by bringing up the "Tasik Chic" theme. 
Tasik is one of the sundaneese territory in west java.


another awesomeness.

Deden Siswanto. Tales of a Street

Deden Siswanto as the chairman of APPMI west Java. had gazed us with those cosmic prints and almost all of the dress is hijab friendly. the silhouette of the whole collection appeals gracefully rough with strong characters. now this is what we called the 21st century women. 

Harry Lam. Secret Revealed 

The collection from Harry lam reveals a structured neck details, uber interesting

Malik Moestaram. Metronome Robust

Some dresses was a bit provocative for muslims. but it's high fashion indeed. what we love the most is the first picture, nothing more classy than a dress versus a leather jacket. and just take a look at those shoes. damn. those are extremely hot! platforms.

Ce fini. Rapport complet


  1. Just got an idea for sewing my new turban. Ahoy, sewing machine!