19 April 2011

FMN Featured : Gatra Magazine

Many thanks and regards to Wisnu Wage & Ken Andari, The Journalist of Gatra weekly magazine.
 Hijab Scarf is also in the article "Jendela Dunia Busana Muslimah" 14-20 April 2011 Edition

There's a bit of spelling eror and mistaken info in the article, hope they could fix this.
But despite of that, we love how they describing us in the end of the article, it was nice! :)

Photo of us was taken at our campus by Sir Wisnu.


  1. hi FiMiNin! i always check this blog to looking for about your cool hijab style, but i'm so dissapointed.. why you post the entries so rarely? i've been waiting for the next posting, but you did it so long. i love this blog and i hope you think about my opinion and advice. i'll keep support you!

    _with love_

  2. Lovely Blog...
    Cute Hijab Style..



  3. Congrats gals :)
    I've and award for you: http://featheringanest.blogspot.com/2011/05/inspiration-award.html