12 November 2010

#JFW11 : Backstage Offstage

The Backstage

Irna Mutiara with Irna La Perle models, uber Exquisite

Dian Pelangi & Model, styling on process

The Details

The Hijabistaz

Spotted! fellow beautiful bloggers : Lulu, Fifi, Puput, Wulan, and many others!

The Designers

Lovely Hannie Hananto & Monika Jufry

Hannie Hananto, Monika Jufry, Jeny Tjahyawati, & Savitri

Irna Mutiara

So, finally after all those long photo we've uploaded, gotta write something about it right?, hell yeah.

And there was seven muslim wear designer who participates on Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11, Irna Mutiara with "Romantic Return", Yuyuk Nurmaisyah with "Swing Out Dessert", Najua Yanti with "Shining On", Nuniek Mawardi with "Aerial Treasure", Hannie Hananto with "Travelodge", Savitri with "Catch Your Eyes" and Dian Pelangi with "Estranged".
The context of the whole JFW tagline is "Styling Modernity"it held on Pacific Place, Jakarta, 6-12 November 2010, We attend the press conference on saturday 06 November, which is the opening of JFW, also the day where all Muslim designers had their show on 09 November.

Each of the designer have their own uniqueness, Irna Mutiara (Irna La Perle) design inspired by the movie Prince of Persia, and her show felt so extravagant with her as the intro designer and using the Persian back-sound, her design of lux with low tone color reflects how muslim wear shows her modest with not grabbing too much attention.

Hannie Hananto (Anemone) always have her way of making unforgettable motifs and patterns, her Travelodge theme represents a fashion expedition of Chinese traditional porcelain pattern and Indonesian batik, not just design smart cutting of the cloth she also design the new motif with concepts, very clever designer.

Najua Yanti design inspired by the color of summer and nature, the Shine concept was working on the catwalk, shiny yet still modest for muslim, very elegant for your semi formal party dress.

Dian Pelangi design inspired by The Bedouin Tribe of Egypt, and like her name "pelangi"= rainbow, the collection pretty much have so many colors and pattern, it is now the age of pattern crash, it's fashion.

We hope for the Indonesia Islamic Fashion Industry to grow and likely design with great concept and meanings, that leads to educate the people and environment to be civilized with great achievements.


"to create is to respect"
Thankful for Allah Guide every Human to Create.


with Hannie Hananto & Monika Jufry

Salam & Respect.

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  1. I really like the pictures and outfits!

  2. you girls look all so gorgeous!!

    xx fatima

  3. ya Allah, i hope i can be here someday! loooove everything!

  4. thanks Fiminin :)
    I was happy, finally I could met you too,although I only met, Ashfi :) (gosh, you are soo tall!,hehehe)..
    Next time and event maybe I'll meet all of you, insya allah ;)

  5. thank you keltoum, fatima and nazira!! xD
    yes wulan! happy to met you too! i like your outfit.. :D

  6. yayy..there's me on the pic :p *the one with the purple hijab*
    you know what? when I saw Ashfi at JFW, I feel so familiar with her face but I don't know who she is until my friends told me that she is one of the girls from fiminin. you are so tall and pretty, Ashfie :)..
    too bad I didn't meet the two other girls..see you next time :)

  7. Wowowowoo...amazing, so i love the outfit. Beautiful girls with beautiful dress, hehehe

  8. Salam..wer can I buy clothes from your design?can you make a nice bridal gown also..THANK YOU SO MUCH..