15 November 2010

HFW|DAY|ONE .not yet architect

Day One
"Money on My Mind" - Work Wear 
Black Coat | Mysty Woman Industry (The Monday Market, JKT)
Black White Stripe Handbag | Made in Portugal
Pantalon | Street One (Rumah Mode, BDG)
Milano Square Headscarf | Alisha, BDG
White Watch | J-Axis Japan
Black Heels | Dollhouse
Location | The Architecture Studio, Ciumbuleuit
cheers ARS!
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  1. love this!! =D
    very simple yet i wonder "why haven't i thought of that?!?!?" haha!!
    thank you for inspiring me! maybe i can wear this to work. oh, but cant wear the heels tho. but it looks sooo cool!!! ahhh!!! =B

  2. goshh!! superb gorgeous looks!
    i am so pleasant to be one of your followers :)

  3. I love the heels, but I could not wear one...
    Nice posting, keep it up

  4. studionya kok rapi banget beda sama studio di kampus saya huhuhuhu..
    and i love the outfit btw. cool but simple, formal jugaa
    jadi pengen belanja ke monday market deeeh...
    keep it up FIMININ!!!

  5. Droooliing! hahaha.
    The first one is the coolest.
    Man, those legs.

  6. Fab! How did you wrap the hijab, it's so gorgeous, mashaAllah

  7. haish!

    ashfi, I do adore you..!!!