18 September 2010

Mystic Of The Heart

"What's the longest, but also the shortest, 
the fastest, but also that late,
we all did not heed him, but after that we all regret it, 
nothing can be done without it, 
he swallowed all the small and build all that great?" 
Thats's the Time.
(Quoted from the book Al-Quran The Ultimate Secret, Jil-2; Mystic Of The Heart)


"Therefore be patient with good patience."  
(Al-Qur'an, the verses of the surah Al-Ma'aarij)


(photo source : azahra)

don't forget why we required to wear it.

"we sometimes forget, and thought it was all for the fashion. But it's about the character of being muslims, and fashion should not always comes with glamor, but with grace and beauty from within (it IS and it's SUPPOSE to be hard, and that's the fun part ;p, what's life without difficulty? ignorance of civilization)."

while faith has been thinned by the world dazzled him.
]we are the humans at the end of time[

The Great Reminder, Sir Musadiq Marhaban

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