22 September 2010

mode et l'architecture

 oh WOW.
Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute

"The special exhibition is part of a larger fashion show at MOT from Kyoto Costume Institute called Luxury Reconsidered. Looking at society’s changing ideas about the meaning and purpose of luxury in fashion, it examines different cultural and historical perspectives including ostentatious luxury, the luxury of simplicity and more personal or intellectual luxury (which is where Comme des Garçons fits in). The exhibition continues until January 2010."-amelia groom-

(photo source : big in japan)

speaking of fashion and architecture, some of these collection were very structured and also friendly for muslim wears, very simple and down to earth, the millennium cutting was overrated, loving it much, and this could effect a lot for our next FMNstyle photoshoot (somehow, maybe ;p), very inspiring. we wonder what's the story behind this great design? every architect have a concept, and every designer should have. Even blogger (...duh!?)

another cool picture we got from bergdorfgoodman, the suit from Akris somehow reminds us of Mr. Mies Van De Rohe and his famous Barcelona chair, like he said "less is more"

| Karlie Kloss wearing Akris designer Albert Kreimler |


"Fashion is Architecture, it is a matter of proportions."
-Coco Chanel-

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  1. yes! fashion is really architecture.
    the different just about the object. but I think it's same cause we're that object too :D

    I'm newbie.. and i'm fallin in love with fiminim's concept :D

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