28 May 2012

FMN ft Jingga Pernik

It was Sunday, 27th May 2012 when we finally reunite together for another photoshoot featuring Jingga Pernik accessories (yeay to that!).  you see. after the graduation and all, we kinda live separate ways, back to our homes (not the rented rooms we lived under the same roof before), & working with different people (no more taking the same classes or having daily lunch together). it was nearly skeptical for us three to spare the time to see face to face, thanks to Jingga we force ourselves to meet at a cafe and had some shots with a help from Sylvan (Anin's ;D) and voila! we talk a lot of how these goodies come to our hands (cheers for the present-past-future), such a hip-neat-well made design. Accessories now are considered to be one of the most profitable deeds, successful entrepreneurs had smooth path doing this business, we wouldn't mind to be part of it, and most of all (having it for free) ou c'est la vie.. 

you should check their blog here to find out how or where to buy
and here's some more closer look for the accessories that we receive..

necklaces as an accent for that one unhip tee /shirt

a brooch with that butterfly thingy (cuteness)

braid type headband, exaggerate the hype. limitless

a bit lolly moulin pop rouge theme

and that's

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