14 May 2011

Indigenous Fashion

FiMinin as one of The local movements.
Yea we are! :D


Anin | Ashfi | Yasmin
Photographer : Kurniawan Surya S.
All Batik Materials. Pendopo Anjani (@ PVJ Bandung) & Galeria Jakarta (@ Citos Jakarta)
Yasmin's gold necklace. Nyala 

us. the generation of mixed culture is one of the most lovely subject that we want to discuss. nothing is too big really, it's just somehow the culture seems to flirt one another, yet it's better that way than to hate one another, mixed mixed mixed. Recently at our campus us had issues about why jeans is what everybody have and wears almost everyday, and some tends to judge us (young ones) was being colonized by the western popular culture, especially in Indonesia with geographically located on the middle of intersection between 2 continents (southeast Asia & Australia) and 2 oceans (Indian & Pacific). It's rather hard for us not to be easily getting influences from other country, yet we still have our pride from the designers and local products. Well let us try to be indigenous here by term of fashion, there are several other examples beside our pictures above. 

Clockwise : Senior Designer Eddie P. Chandra, Poppy Dharsono & Lennor by Lenny Agustin
 ( Photo : Ours & Fashion Windows )

And this is somethiing really interesting to represent such Indigenous Fashion from Vogue cover and Estee Lauder campaign of how they mixed the multi cultural faces and styles.

Clockwise : Vogue China, Estee Lauder campaign, Vogue Nippon & Vogue India

mixed mixed mixed
.the characters.



  1. this is awesome, FMN.
    thankyou for showing us your creativity.
    love it so much!

  2. Assalamu'alaikum.
    Very well said, girls! And the way you wrapped your batiks are very creative. Keep up the good work!

  3. waaaw.. keren bangeeett.. love u girls..