22 May 2011

Ina's Scarf

will soon become the most hype scarf ever made for the universe. we're not kidding. when we received the scarves one for each of us ecstatically stunned by the garment, pattern, shape, scent and all of the details! it was a pure exclusiveness that we all can have, it's not that expensive, you can grab it soon on the virtual shopping which is still under construction, Ina's Scarf web , yet the official style blog is quite giving us some updates, it's really interesting. read this out to know the story of where or why this brand was created, and lovin "The It Scarf" campaign!! 

awesomeness. from Indonesia

The It Scarf campaign | Photographer : Afrizal | Models : Ashfi Qamara & Joyce 

ps: stay tune for our next HFW performance to see what these ultra garments can do ;)

1 comment:

  1. love it!!! when are they launching them for sale??

    btw cant wait to see ur HFW looks!!