20 January 2011


unbelievably interesting the second season of Hijab Fashion Week.
Em (the host of the very first season of HFW) and Asma of Haute Muslimah is now the host of part II
together they arrange a quite tight schedule this time, blogers around the world were really enthusiast of it's coming, we hope you do to :) . 
this time will be different for us to represent the big event, we'll give you a hint : it's not us in the frame, we love playing behind the great picture. like we always do in our FMNstyle collection. so be prepared FMN Models ! 
Photo : Nissa  Maretta

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Love HFW
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  1. Cant wait to see you all on HFW 2! Good luck! :)

  2. ashfiii..ajarin pake jilbabnyaaa,,,yaaaa :)

  3. feminin's ajarin pake jilbabnya yaa,step by step :)