29 May 2010

Magazine : Aquila Asia

Burkini, anyone?

( Image courtesy: Aquila Asia )

FMN analysis :
after words, this magazine makes some big movement in hijab high fashion revival ( and so we also suggest ), they have this concept for modern muslima, which is applied with interesting fashion photography & editorial pics, and we think aquila magazine could compete with other fashion magazine such as vogue, bazaar, etc,. , yet there still too many articles and less fashion photo (somehow the fashion photo thirst is overrated) . but not too bad for you too have it, it is quite inspiring for muslims, great paper quality too, we hope this magazine for success in the future , as we hope for our success :D


  1. bisa beli dmn nh majalah nya?

  2. di gramedia atau toko gunung agung ada kok, happy searchin..

  3. keliatannya menarik majalahnya.. kynya lbh menonjolkan fashion photography y

  4. baru tau majalah ini. keren!
    thx infonya..

  5. hmmmm,,,,, agak liberal yah tyt mahalahnya

  6. omg, I loove this! I didn't knew about a magazine where women are modelling with a scarf. They are soo pretty!:D
    I really want to be a model but here in Europe you don't have models who wear the scarf :(

  7. @fatima: we hope soon high fashion muslima will spread the whole world, in here also not too common, but were workin it, we also open a hijabi model search, you can model for us if you want, but europe kind of far away from our island... :D
    or near europe which is england, there's maysaa, a muslim clothing label, you can google it, its very cool, the designer hana tajima, was awsome.. , you can try to model there, good luck!

  8. Wow enggak nyangka ada majalah muslimah yang keren juga.....maju terus...

  9. Hey, Great Blog! Where can I get a copy of this Magazine?? Esp the top one? I looove the pics in them!


  10. This look great..and i love your blog! Good work ladies.


  11. i love fiminin at the first sight.
    Keren abis,saya jadi makin bangga and pede aja pake kerudung nih