30 December 2009

Fshow: Jakarta Fashion Week 2009

Hannie Hananto

her ad campaign

like the colors!, colors like purple, pink, blue, berryish colors are so 2010!! , it's fastly spreading, even in fashion magazines, also the designer, Hannie Hananto have an architecture background, no wonder her collection has a lot of fantastic geometric shape and lines, yet still look adorable and also unique! 

Irna Mutiara

say, irna mutiara got the best cut ever, a woman must looked very expensive with that dress on, we don't know how she do it, but it was breathtaking,, hhh.. , and look at what she do with the head cover, its really something that we could try in everyday life, simple yet classically elegant..

Tuty Adib

wow, another amazing berryish colors, the designer's theme was "love story", so a lot of soft pink comin out,  on the 4th pict, a match of an abayas with a coat was a smart way to look stylish, you can also wear a skirt with a coat, if you don't have abayas..

Najua Yanti 

Najua Yanti, she has a unique sense of style, the last picture with her bohemian style was very attractive, hip, yet still lookin very elegant, a dolly-look..

Monika Jufry

Jeny Tjahyawati

Iva Latifah

Ida Royani

Hennie Noor

Dian Pelangi

she's young and talented, the 19th year old designer has  her own design trademark, "tie dye pattern" , the jeans.., the coat,, and the colors, was very juicy, young, and active! like, i really want some of those pair...   

Anne Rufaidah

futuristic phenomenon was her concept of 2010 trends, metal, light and dark grey, black, silver, all the millennium colors she brings it out!, and it works, with elegance, style, and a muslim way to dress.


  1. wow..
    it's awesome..
    great job guys..
    hope can join you all someday..