23 March 2009

FiMiNin intro

we kinda hope soon we could have our own clothing line, hahhaha,  o well this is our very first post for our fashion blog,  anyway soon we will post another pict of muslim fashion alternative, although we are not designers yet, but we still could be a stylist, , next post will be FiMiNin first photo shoot, also FiMiNin first fashion show, stay in touch ^^,.


  1. hohoho can't wait to see the progress ^_^

  2. waaah senangnya ada blog inii..
    di saat majalah muslimah remaja yang lagi kurang okee semoga blog ini bisa sukses dakwahnyaa lewat fashionnya yaaaa :)

    yang pastii siih bakal berguna buat aku, hihi

  3. assalam aleykum warrahma tullahi wabarakatuh
    welll this blog helps but at the same time ,it doesnt teach coz what i have seen from those young ladies shows their beuty is totaly haraaaam.so i would advise the owner of this blog to make sure there is no haraan in da blog coz you will be punished because of other people.Islam doesnt teach us to wear tight cloth well i just remind you coz no one is perfect ...muslims must remind each others.

  4. waalaikum salam, dear z, thank you so much for your attention to our blog, we will always make sure of the haram hijab, but we are showing is the pict of our sisters around us, we cud just say they dress like a hijab dont's (haraam), but we try to tell them softly, so it wouldnt make any conflict between us, again, thank you soo much, hope u could give us some more advice comments, we do also still learning... : )